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 NT's Mod 4.1: HTTP downloading feature

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NT's Mod 4.1: HTTP downloading feature Empty
PostSubject: NT's Mod 4.1: HTTP downloading feature   NT's Mod 4.1: HTTP downloading feature EmptyThu Aug 04, 2011 10:19 am

So if some of you didint read CoS forums heres some nice shit.

Reality~ wrote:
Made this topic cause my old one seems broken. I'd like to introduce people to a new feature in NT's Mod v4.1 - the HTTP downloading feature.

It will allow people to automatically download maps from JK2 with highest speed of their internet connection hopefully. Smile It works exactly like the old autodownload, but the speed isnt limited to 10 KB/s lmao. And, it doesnt lag the server, because you're downloading the map pk3 from an external source Smile

Every server will have the possibility to set up its own online repository URL for people to download from. Currently I've set up some space, it's located under:


where %m is the desired mapname. I will upload all popular maps on demand.


NT's Mod 4.1: HTTP downloading feature Httpf
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NT's Mod 4.1: HTTP downloading feature
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